Why do we contract?

We usually contract due to bad postures and unhealthy habits.

Today people accumulate a lot of tension, spend long hours in the same position or make great efforts for which we are not prepared. These are some examples of why we get contracted, we will explain them in more detail below.

Although it may not seem like it, the people who need a massage the most are those who work long hours sitting down. How it is very difficult to change your habits, your muscles adapt to these positions and they tend to create contractures prone to becoming chronic. These people, in order to avoid lumbar or cervical pain, should practice toning and stretching sports constantly and go regularly to a masseur.

Physical activity.

Another very common cause of contractures is little or no physical activity. When a person has little muscle tone, the vast majority of efforts become muscle overloads. Being overweight also causes muscles and joints to carry more weight than they should, creating muscle fatigue.

On the contrary, when sports are carried out excessively and this is not accompanied by warm-up or subsequent stretching, muscle overload and shortening are also created. Overloads are also created when we use an inappropriate technique, make repeated efforts or use too much load, this can exceed the adaptability of the muscle.

As we age we lose elasticity in muscles and joints. Weakened muscles can make daily activities costly, this can be delayed by following a good diet and an active life.

Because we contract due to stress.

Although it may seem disconnected, the constant stress of daily life creates tension in us, thus creating muscle contractures. Bruxism can also create cervical tension and even when we are emotionally affected, contractures appear.

Because we contract from sleeping.

This is also usually a great helper for contractures. Bad rest or little rest is one of the biggest mistakes we all make.

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