The relaxing massages.

The relaxing massages stand out for being slow massages with little pressure. These massages are the best option for someone who is receiving a massage for the first time. But it’s not just good for people getting a massage for the first time, it’s also perfect for someone who wants to reduce their stress level. It is also an ideal massage as a gift, because… who doesn’t like a relaxing massage? Take advantage and give the present of massage to that special person.

In relaxing massages there is less emphasis on working on muscular tension, whether they are permanent or chronic, such as trigger points, contractures or adhesions. These cases are treated with a decontracting massage, since treating the deep tissue can be uncomfortable, despite this, in Body & Mind massages we will relax the area as much as possible to reduce inflammation or avoid future discomfort, always with great softness and touch. since during a relaxing massage the physical and mental peace of the patient is sought.

All our massages have a relaxation part, but if you are looking to disconnect, cannot sleep well or just want to relax, this is the perfect massage.


In the picture we can see the pleasant face of a woman while receiving a relaxing massage.

Why do we use materials in relaxing massages?

At Body & Mind massages we add a touch of pleasure to our relaxing massages, only if you want. We begin our massage with the oshibori technique applied to the feet. During the leg massage we apply the bamboo canes , this will make us notice a light and pleasant fresh sensation while stretching our muscles. Finally, but very pleasant, we will apply the hot basalt stones gently and slowly to all the muscles of our back and arms, starting with the trapezius area and slowly going down the paravertebrals  to the sacrum.

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