Sports massage.

Sports massage is ideal for people who perform physical activity. This massage is used to activate the muscles, heal injuries or prevent them and to have a better muscle recovery. All this is summed up in what allows us to have the muscles unloaded in order to continue improving.


How is this massage performed?

At body & mind we try to perform muscle discharge without pain, for this reason we use materials such as bamboo therapy, suction cups or hot stones. If necessary, we have kinesiotape for those cases that need it.


Types of sports massage.

Pre-competitive or warm-up.

In this phase, the body prepares itself physically and mentally for an imminent effort. This massage should be done just before starting to compete, it serves to warm up the muscles well and prevent injuries.

Post-competitive or recovery sports massage.

In this massage it consists of stretching and various manual maneuvers and with bamboo to oxygenate and help the muscle recover more quickly. It should be done as soon as you finish the extra effort that a competition or very hard training requires. This massage will help us. prevent future overloads.

Maintenance or discharge massage.

This massage serves to help a better and faster muscle recovery and thus prevent our muscles from injury and achieve better performance without risk of injury or pain.

Every self-respecting athlete or one who wants to improve should know that it is necessary to do one of these from once a week to once a month, depending on the amount of sport that is practiced.

If you do sports regularly, it is best to carry out weekly or biweekly maintenance. This will help us avoid muscle fatigue, discomfort and be able to maintain or increase the elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias.

If you decide to have de-loading sports massages once a month, we recommend that you do weekly stretching sessions. By stretching, you can avoid muscle fatigue and keep improving.


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