Prenatal or pregnant massage

A prenatal or pregnant massage consists of the combination of various types of massage according to the needs of the pregnant woman. In this post we will learn what types of massages you can combine according to the needs or preferences of a pregnant woman and how we should position her to perform a good massage.

Types of massages, which you can combine according to your needs or preferences

Decontracting massage for pregnant women.

Recommended for back and neck pain. During pregnancy the breasts of the pregnant woman develop. This can cause a feeling of heaviness in the chest and shoulders. On the other hand, the widening of the hips and the change in the balance point create lower back and hip pain, causing sciatica pain or false sciatica. It should be noted that the decontracting massage for pregnant or prenatal women cannot have a very high intensity.

Circulatory Massage or Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

These massages are recommended when the feet and legs feel heavy and swollen. In these cases, the muscles will be worked on to alleviate the additional load they have to bear, as well as eliminate fluid retention that appears in these areas.

Relaxing prenatal or pregnant massage.

The relaxing massage serves to improve sleep and provide mental and physical relaxation, on the other hand, it increases serotonin, helping the physical and neurological development of the baby.

Areas to work in a complete prenatal or pregnancy massage.

We’ll start this massage with the legs.

A complete prenatal or pregnancy massage begins with the pregnant woman lying on her back, to avoid possible nausea. We will start working feet and legs, to be able to perform the massage in a centripetal direction , and help improve blood circulation.

In the image we can see a pregnant woman lying on her bed looking happily at her belly while placing her hands on top of it.

The decontracting work of the feet and legs will help us to alleviate the additional load that they bear, on the other hand we will help to eliminate fluid retention and increase blood flow, also eliminating cramps that appear in these areas.

On the other hand, foot massage is very important to avoid the appearance of bunions and also to prevent you from losing or reducing your feet bridge. We don’t want that any of you have to change their entire shoe cabinet.

To go to the upper train in the prenatal or pregnant massage.

Next, we will place the patient in the lateral ulna position with a pillow between the legs and a wedge to support the tummy. In this position we will start working the pelvic area and the lower back. It is very important to work the muscles adjacent to the sciatic nerve and all the tendons and ligaments located in this area. This area usually suffers a lot and creates great discomfort due to the widening of the hip.

On the other hand, and without forgetting that the woman’s breasts develop, we will work well the heaviness created in the neck , shoulders and pectoral .

posición mujer embarazada
In this image we can see a pregnant woman lying in the fetal position with a prenatal pillow. The pillow is placed from under her head to pass between her legs, not forgetting to place it under the abdomen. This is the ideal position for a prenatal or pregnant back massage

We will work the entire back globally, helping the muscles to relax and have better adaptation to their new shape during this state.

Next and in this position we will work the arms, it is important to stimulate their circulation to eliminate any sign of fluid retention and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

To end.

Finally, we will place the mother-to-be back on her back and perform a craniofacial massage. This, isn’t only going to relax, also will help to avoid or eliminate headaches. Who doesn’t love a moment of peace and relaxation?

Put yourself in our hands and enjoy a good prenatal massage. Feel good and enjoy this wonderful moment of your life, bring a new life without pain or discomfort.




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