Our decontracting massage.

The best decontracting massage

In this post we are going to talk about the ideal decontracting massage, that is, the perfect combination of manipulations and materials to create the best relaxing massage.

The decontracting combo.

El combo descontracturante

The decontracting combo or also called, the best decontracting massage or the ideal decontracting massage. This massage consists of looking for the perfect combination between manipulations and external materials to eliminate pain. Whether it is pain caused by overloads or contractures, in the back or in the legs. If something hurts, this is your massage.

With this combination we try to apply as much pressure as possible, to eliminate all tension and contractures, but trying not to harm our patient. And thus also, to be able to provide a good relaxation.

It should be noted that most of the massage is done manually.

Materials used in the best decontracting massage.

As we have mentioned before, the decontracting combo, in order to be the best decontracting massage, consists of a manual massage, with a fairly high pressure, but without exceeding the pain threshold for much or for a long time. We can include hot stones, bamboo therapy, suction cups and/or electroacupuncture to this manual massage. The choice of material will be based on the patient’s ailment and what he allows us. It will always be a personalized therapy.

In the case of hot stones, their heat helps us warm up the muscle more quickly and vasodilate it. This helps us relax the muscles and be able to work the contractures with more. It should be noted that this heat is very pleasant, the relaxation it produces in the muscles also becomes mental.

Bamboo reeds have relaxing properties, the reeds help to work overloads and tensions evenly. The soft sensation of cold that they produce combines very well with the warmth of the hands.

On the side of the cupping or suction cups, we will use the rigid ones, these suck the skin to the exact point of releasing the fascias and oxygenating the muscle. This is produced by its role in activating circulation, so that it acts on contractures or overloads.

Last but not least, if the contracture is very large and the patient accepts it, we will use electroacupuncture. This object gives small, non-irritating currents that penetrate the interior of the skin and relax the muscles.


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