What parts does a relaxing massage include?

Cuando se trata de cuidar tu bienestar y relajarte por completo, pocas cosas pueden igualar la experiencia de un masaje relajante en Body & Mind Valencia. This therapeutic treatment has been carefully designed to provide stress relief, relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body and mind. But what parts does a relaxing massage include? Body & Mind? Here we tell you all about it.


1. Careful Touch on the Entire Body:

A relaxing massage at Body & Mind begins with gentle, slow movements that run through your entire body. Our expert therapists use techniques that combine medium-low intensity to ensure you feel completely relaxed


2. Bamboo for Leg Circulation:

To stimulate blood circulation and provide a pleasant sensation, we use bamboo on the legs during the massage. This not only revitalises your legs, but also adds a unique touch to your experience.


3. Hot Stones on the Back:

The back accumulates a lot of tension, and to release it, we apply hot stones that instantly relax your muscles. The heat of the stones becomes a magical pass that transports you to a state of deep calm.


4. Cranio-Facial Massage:

Relaxation is not limited to the body; it also includes your head and face.We close the session with a cranio-facial massage that relieves any tension in these areas, leaving you with a feeling of freshness and well-bei


Los materiales como las piedras calientes, también pueden formar parte de un masaje relajante.


5.Japanese Hot Foot Towel Technique:

Even your feet deserve special attention.We begin the massage by applying a hot towel to your feet, following a traditional Japanese technique that helps to relax your whole body from the bottom up.


6.Ideal Environment for Relaxation:

To ensure maximum relaxation, our room is carefully prepared.The temperature is ideal, the lighting is dim and the background music is soothing. This creates an atmosphere conducive to leaving your worries behind and immersing yourself in the experience.


7. Essential Oil of Your Choice:

To further personalise your experience, you can choose your preferred essential oil for the aroma of the massage. This adds an aromatherapeutic element that can enhance your relaxation and well-being.


Although these parts of a relaxing massage are usually included, each massage is different and there may be variations. In this compilation we have listed the most characteristic techniques we use.

In short, a relaxing massage in Body & Mind is a complete experience that encompasses your whole body, from head to toe. It combines traditional and modern techniques to offer complete relief from stress and muscle tension. We invite you to experience this incredible feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation at our centre. Your body and mind will thank you.


At Body & MindWe believe in the power of relaxation and wellness, and we are here to provide you with an experience that will leave you completely refreshed. Book your relaxing massage in Valencia today and let yourself be carried away by the serenity we offer!

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