What does a pregnancy massage consist of?

Experience full care with our pregnancy massage!

Pregnancy massagealso known as prenatal massage, is a treatment specifically designed to accompany women during the most beautiful and special stage of their lives: pregnancy. This type of massage focuses on the areas of the body that may present discomfort associated with pregnancy, leaving aside the abdominal area.

During pregnancy, it is common to face circulatory problems and pain in the lower back, as well as cervical pain and cramps in the feet and calves. Prenatal massage becomes an invaluable ally to alleviate these discomforts and bring wellbeing to the mother-to-be.

When is the ideal time to receive this type of massage?

In the first trimester, it is recommended to avoid massaging the stomach, lower back and joints, opting instead for gentle circulatory massages on the limbs, neck and face, always in consultation with the gynaecologist beforehand. However, it is in the second trimester when the first discomfort usually appears, making it the perfect time to enjoy deep relaxation.

The third trimester stands out as the period of greatest need for this type of massage, offering invaluable relief at this crucial stage of pregnancy.

What areas of the body are worked during a pregnancy massage?

At Body & Mind we perform the massage in a centripetal direction, i.e. from head to toe, to stimulate blood circulation. We pay special attention to the feet to prevent ramps and bunions, as well as the legs, focusing on the calves and hips to prevent ramps and reduce swelling.

We extend the care to the cervical area, the sciatic nerve and the tendons and ligaments of the hip. We stimulate the arms to improve circulation and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Finally, we perform a head massage to relieve pain and provide maximum relaxation.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of this massage are multiple and fundamental. It helps the mother-to-be to relax, favouring better rest and a feeling of lightness. It also stimulates the glandular system to stabilise hormones, reduce anxiety and provide energy to the body by reducing hormonal stress and eliminating pain caused by pregnancy, including fluid retention.


At Body & Mind Massages, in Valencia, we are specialists in pregnancy massages. Our therapists are highly trained to offer absolute safety for both mother and baby during each prenatal massage session. Your wellbeing during this special time is our priority.


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