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Sports massage is a specialised form of massage designed for people who are involved in intense physical activity, whether as high-performance athletes, amateur sportsmen and women or people who exercise regularly. This type of massage focuses on preparing the body for exercise, aiding recovery after physical activity and maintaining muscle health over time. A good choice for your sports massage in Valencia is Body & Mind.

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There are three main types of sports massage:

Pre-Competitive or Warm-up Massage

This type of massage is performed before a competition or an intense training session. Its main objective is to prepare the muscles and joints for physical activity. The therapist uses techniques that increase blood circulation and help stretch and relax muscles, which can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Post-Competitive or Recovery Massage

After a competition or strenuous training, post-competitive massage is used to aid muscle recovery. This type of massage focuses on reducing muscle tension and soreness, promoting the elimination of metabolic waste products and speeding up the recovery process. It can relieve muscle stiffness and prevent the occurrence of post-exercise injuries.

Maintenance or Muscle Relief Massage

This type of massage is performed on a regular basis as part of an ongoing care programme. It is intended to maintain muscle health over time, relieve accumulated tension and prevent chronic injury. Maintenance massage can also identify problem areas and address them before they become serious injuries.

Sports massages in Valencia

At Body & Mind, we offer a variety of sports massages to meet the needs of our clients who participate in intense physical activity. Our therapists are trained to provide personalised sports massages to suit your goals and needs, whether you want to improve your performance, recover after a sporting event or keep your muscles in peak condition.

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