On Valentine's Day, give massages as a gift

Still don't know what to give for Valentine's Day?

Give the gift of health, give the gift of pleasure, give the gift of wellness, give the gift of life Give the gift of massage! What gives more pleasure than to see your partner enjoy, relaxed and rested? What gives more pleasure than to see your partner happy on Valentine's Day? Do not hesitate, this is your ideal gift, you will not regret it.

Give the gift of a relaxing massage as a couple for Valentine's Day.

Today, following our recommendations of massages for couples for Valentine's Day, we are going to talk about the descontracturante massage.

When you think of a romantic massage, you always imagine a relaxing massage, or a soft massage like a facial massage, but the feeling after a relaxing massage with your partner, sipping a glass of champagne, has nothing to envy to the other "softer" massages.

A decontracting massage is a therapeutic massage technique designed to relieve muscle tension and contractures. Its main objective is to release knots or tensions in the muscles, providing relief to those suffering from muscle discomfort, stiffness or pain. This type of massage is performed using various manual techniques that focus on relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation in the treated area.

This type of massage is beneficial for people experiencing muscle pain, chronic tension, postural problems or those simply seeking relief and deep relaxation. It is important to communicate with the therapist during the session to indicate any discomfort or adjustments needed in the pressure applied. In addition, it may be recommended to drink water after the massage to help eliminate toxins released during the process.


Still not sure?

If you live in Valencia or come on vacation with your partner on Valentine's Day, take advantage. Do not hesitate to come to our facilities and try our wonderful couple massages. We will adapt to your needs.

If you still don't know what massage give you just ask us for an appointment and we will take care of everything. If you can not come on February 14 do not worry, you can also order our gift voucher and give it to your partner so you can make the appointment for the day that suits you. To get this gift voucher, contact us and we will personalize it and send it to you by email.

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Take advantage of our Valentine's Day offer.

Don't wait any longer and ask us for an appointment, we will be happy to see you!

If you come with your partner, we have a little something for you both to enjoy. A bottle of cava at the end, to enjoy at the center or at home.

Regala masajes en San Valentín


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