Pre-operative and post-operative massages

Masaje pre y postoperatorio en Valencia

Find out what preoperative and postoperative massages are and what they are for. In Body & Mind Valencia, we explain it to you.

Pre-operative and post-operative massages consist of manual lymphatic drainage and a massage to eliminate adhesions. After undergoing surgery, we may experience pain and discomfort that can make it difficult to recover properly. This is where lymphatic drainage comes in as one of the treatments that will help us during the process.

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Differences between preoperative and postoperative massage.

At first glance, the name of these two therapies already gives us a big clue as to their differences: preoperative and postoperative massages. Pre-operative massages are those performed before an operation, and are very similar to traditional lymphatic drainage. On the other hand, postoperative drainage, as its name suggests, is performed after an operation, and this drainage also insists much more on the operated areas and those close to the scars.

Pre-operative massage.

A preoperative massage can also help us to recover more quickly, both in terms of wounds and the elimination of the anaesthesia and toxins created.

Post-operative massage.

One of the most sought-after results is the reabsorption of oedema and the reduction of swelling.

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At Body & Mind we can offer you pre and post operative massages in Valencia.

Body & Mind. Pre y postoperatorios
Masaje preoperatorio y postoperatorio

In the image we can see the dashed lines marked on the abdomen of a man indicating what his reduction will be like. This is the marking that is made between the preoperative and postoperative massages.

After an operation, the skin tissues can be damaged and we run the risk of the skin hardening, creating fibrosis. By activating the correct circulation, we are contributing to the rapid recovery of our skin without hardening.

In addition, during surgery we are exposed to the administration of saline, anaesthesia and/or medication, which remain in our bloodstream and can take time to be eliminated.

The stimulation of the lymph through this massage helps us to eliminate these components more quickly, speeding up our recovery.

Post-operative massage serves to prevent or eliminate the fluid retention and fibrosis created. 

In addition, this massage helps us to have a less painful and quicker recovery. 

Frequently asked questions about post-operative massage.

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