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Take a chance with our personalised training in Valencia

At Body & Mind we want you to achieve all your goals. The best way to do this is through personalised training, so that we can always look for your best version.

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Often, the overcrowding that is created in fitness centres or gyms makes their workouts insufficient. In these places they usually create a standard exercise routine, the same for all their students at that level. This lack of individualisation and attention is often reflected in injuries and in the failure to achieve our goals.

What do we offer at Body & Mind?

Initial interview.

To make a good training plan we need to carry out a health questionnaire. This short questionnaire can be done quickly at home, or if you prefer, you can do it in person with one of our trainers. 

In this questionnaire we collect the necessary information to find out your goals, e.g. your age, whether you play sports and how often, whether you have experience in muscle strengthening, whether you suffer from chronic back pain, etc.

These and other questions will allow us to understand your needs in order to co-design your personalised training plan, which will combine strength, endurance and flexibility exercises chosen just for you in a single session.

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Training review.

Each training session will be adapted to your needs, but once a month we will conduct a short interview to check that the training is working as it should.

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Our training services are unique in Valencia, in all of them we adapt to your needs and objectives, we take into account your level, your injuries and your goals. This allows us to adapt the training plan in each of the sessions. In order to be able to carry out the training correctly, we first carry out a brief interview, at this point we will be able to carry out a higher quality training session.

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