Lumbar massage for back pain at Body & Mind

Are you suffering from lower back pain or low back pain? Stress, poor posture and overload can cause intense discomfort in this area, affecting your quality of life. At Body & Mind in Valencia, we understand how debilitating low back pain can be. That's why we offer specific massages designed to relieve this discomfort and give you back the comfort and wellbeing you deserve.


What is a lumbar massage?

Lumbar massage is a specialised technique that focuses on the lower back region. This type of massage aims to release accumulated tension in the muscles, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in the affected area. Our expert therapists at Body & Mind employ a combination of massage techniques specific to the lower back, tailored to the individual needs of each client.


Benefits of lumbar massage:

  • Pain relief: Gentle manipulation of tight muscles in the lower back helps to relieve chronic or acute pain.
  • Improved mobility: By reducing muscle stiffness, lumbar massage can increase mobility and flexibility.
  • Relaxation: It not only relieves pain, but also promotes general relaxation and reduces the stress associated with discomfort.
  • Stimulation of circulation: Massage can improve blood flow to the area, which contributes to healing and reduction of inflammation.


Lumbar massage in Valencia with Body & Mind:

At our centre, we recognise the importance of addressing low back pain in a holistic manner. Our highly trained therapists customise each session to meet the unique needs of each client. We use specialised massage techniques that are combined with relaxation approaches to ensure effective and long-lasting results.

If you are looking for relief from lower back pain in Valencia, our lumbar massage service at Body & Mind is designed to help you regain your wellbeing.


Why choose Body & Mind for your lumbar massage in Valencia?

At Body & Mind, we are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to low back pain relief. Our goal is to not only offer immediate relief, but also to provide tools and tips to maintain a healthy back for the long term.

Regain your wellbeing! Contact us in Valencia to schedule your personalised lumbar massage and experience the relief that only Body & Mind can offer.

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