International Women's Day and one year of Body & Mind

Today, 8 March 2024, International Women's Day, we would like to share with you our photos of the celebration of our first year of Body & Mind.

Why this day? Well, because Body & Mind is a company created and managed by women and to have celebrated our first anniversary last Saturday is a source of pride. We look forward to many more years at your side.

In Spain, there are 650,000 female entrepreneurs, one for every two men, according to the Social Security. The trend of Spanish women leading their own projects has reduced the gender gap among entrepreneurs by 30% in the last decade, according to the GEM Special Report on Female Entrepreneurship.

But despite the progress made, women entrepreneurs still face obstacles in terms of work-life balance, lack of role models and opportunities for development. This means that we must continue to work towards equality.

Thank you very much and happy international women's day!


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