Treat yourself to a Valentine's Day couple's massage in Valencia.

As every year you are probably thinking about what is the best gift for your partner, in this post we are going to tell you why you should give your partner a present a couple's massage on Valentine's Day. What's more, this year, apart from the massage, you get a bottle of cava!

Treat yourself to a couple's massage on Valentine's Day in Valencia and get a bottle of cava.

Couples massage

First of all, you should know what a couple's massage consists of.

This type of treatment consists of performing a massage, for the desired length of time, on two people simultaneously. The special feature of this treatment is that both people will be in the same room and will be treated by two therapists.

What is so special about our centre?

At Body & Mind , we can say that we offer the best service of this type of massage. Why? Because everyone can decide the type of treatment they like the most, without the need for it to be the same for both. As you may know, our rooms are designed so that all treatments are as pleasant and relaxing as possible. In addition to this our massage protocol also makes them special, you have all the information on our website.

Regalar un masaje en pareja en San Valentín.

I suppose you are also wondering why you should give a couple a massage on Valentine's Day, we can't tell you one reason, we can tell you many, but I am going to tell you the ones I think are the most important.

She probably has all kinds of material things and I could risk saying that every year you give her some accessory or piece of jewellery, apart from a good dinner, of course. We rarely think about giving experiences, something that we can remember for a long time.

Everyone needs a moment of relaxation, of disconnection, but we rarely think that a massage can help us to solve it. On the other hand we don't usually bother to find time for it or even spend money on less important things, like a pendant after having a thousand.


Give this moment of pleasure to your partner and yourself, disconnect for a few minutes and recharge your batteries. Give the gift of a couple's massage on Valentine's Day, you won't regret it!

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