Which is better: relaxing or decontracting massage?

Sometimes, we hear different names for massages and we are not clear about which massage is the right one for each moment. It is very common for us to get confused or have doubts when it comes to differentiating between a decontracting massage and a relaxing massage, or even the question: Which is better, a decontracting massage or a relaxing massage? A doubt that is not such, as they are two massages with different differences and applications. The choice between these two massages depends on our specific needs and the objectives we are looking for with the massage. Below, we explain what each of them consists of.

Decontracting massage

It focuses on relieving muscle tension and knots. It is ideal for people experiencing stiffness, muscle pain or intense tension. The therapist will apply deeper techniques to loosen knots and release muscle tension. This type of massage can be somewhat intense and can sometimes cause some discomfort during the process. Here you can read more about the descontracturant massage.

Relaxing massage

It focuses on inducing relaxation and reducing stress. It is gentler and concentrates on providing a calming and soothing experience. Gentle, flowing movements are used to relieve tension, promote mental and physical relaxation, and improve overall well-being. Here you can read more about the relaxing massage.

Por lo tanto, si estás buscando aliviar dolores musculares, nudos y tensiones específicas, un masaje descontracturante podría ser más adecuado. Mientras que si tu objetivo es reducir el estrés, relajarte y disfrutar de una experiencia tranquilizadora, el masaje relajante puede ser la mejor opción. Además, algunos terapeutas combinan técnicas de ambos tipos de masajes para adaptarse a las necesidades individuales de cada persona.

In Body & Mind Valencia, you can find both types of massages, among a great catalogue of services and massagesand the specialists who will advise you on the best treatment in each case.


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