Combinations of massages: hair massage and facial massage

At Body & Mind, we would like to propose a combination of treatments that has revolutionised the way we experience relaxation and personal care: the fusion of the capillary massage and facial massage. At our centre in Valencia, we have witnessed first-hand how this combination enhances the individual benefits of each therapy, offering a unique holistic experience.

Hair massage and facial massage

Firstly, hair massage is an incredibly effective way to revitalise not only the hair, but also the scalp. At Body & Mind, we apply specific techniques that nourish from the root, stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the hair follicles. This treatment not only improves the health of the hair, but also provides a sense of calm and well-being.

Facial massage, on the other hand, is an ancient practice that brings out the natural beauty of the skin. At our centre, we focus on personalised techniques that relieve facial tension, improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin, reducing puffiness and minimising the signs of ageing.


A perfect combination of massages

When we combine these two treatments, the experience is truly transformative. At Body & Mind, we have observed how the combination of hair and facial massage not only enhances the individual benefits, but also produces a feeling of relaxation and freshness that lasts long after the session. The synergy between the two treatments offers a holistic sense of wellbeing that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

At our centre in Valencia, we are committed to providing a unique and personalised experience that goes beyond superficial relaxation. We invite you to discover for yourself the benefits of this combination and to immerse yourself in an oasis of harmony and well-being for your hair, face and your whole being.


We look forward to seeing you at Body & Mind to experience this synergy of relaxation and rejuvenation!

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