Equipo Body & Mind en el I Duatlon Ciudad de Xilxes

Body & Mind were in the I Duathlon City of Xilxes

As you all know, and if you don't we will tell you, one of the services we offer at Body & Mind is the sports massage. Yesterday was held in Xilxes (Castellón) the "I Duathlon City of Xilxes" in which almost 200 athletes participated and where the organization of the event counted on the team of Body & Mind to assist participants with post-race massages to help with muscle recovery.

After participating in a demanding competition or undergoing intense training, post-competitive massage is an essential tool to facilitate muscle recovery. This specific type of massage focuses on extending its benefits by significantly reducing muscle tension and soreness, while boosting the efficient elimination of metabolic waste products. Its impact extends further by effectively accelerating the muscle recovery process. In this way, it not only relieves any muscle stiffness that may arise, but also acts as a preventative shield, helping to avoid the onset of potential exercise-related injuries.

The Body & Mind team would like to thank the organisation for their trust and we hope that our massages have helped all the athletes who passed through our set. We also want to congratulate all the participants and especially the winners. Here you can check the classification of the race. Classification of the 1st City of Xilxes Duathlon.

Equipo Body & Mind en el I Duatlon Ciudad de Xilxes

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