Combination to get back in shape after the holidays

Christmas and New Year's festivities bring us special moments full of joy. However, they are often accompanied by culinary excesses and a decrease in physical activity. After enjoying these celebrations, it is normal to want to get back in shape and return to good habits. To this end, a holistic approach that combines anti-cellulite massage, Personalised training and a balanced nutrition can make a difference.

Anti-cellulite massage after Christmas:

Anti-cellulite massage at Body & Mind Valencia to get back in shape after the holidays.

After days of indulgence, the anti-cellulite massage is presented as an ideal option to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing fluid retention and favoring the elimination of toxins. This type of massage focuses on specific areas prone to cellulite accumulation, helping to break down fat deposits and improve skin texture. Combined with an exercise routine and a balanced diet, the results can be more noticeable and long lasting.

Personalised training:

Body & Mind valencia's personalized workouts to get back in shape after the holidays.

A training plan adapted to individual needs is essential to regain fitness. After the holidays, it is important to focus on exercises that promote fat burning and muscle strengthening. A personal trainer can design a specific program that combines cardio, strength training and toning exercises, maximizing efforts to achieve visible results in a reasonable amount of time.

Balanced nutrition (Detox after the holidays):

Nutritionist at Body & Mind Valencia to get you back in shape after the holidays.

Recovering health and fitness goes hand in hand with a conscious diet. After the Christmas and New Year holidays, where excesses are common, opting for a balanced diet is key. Prioritizing fresh, nutrient-rich foods and avoiding processed foods rich in added sugars can help restore balance in the body. A nutritionist can provide personalized guidelines for a diet that supports physical recovery and promotes overall health.

Balance is the key, after the Christmas holidays and always:

It is important to remember that post-holiday recovery is not just about losing weight quickly, but about adopting long-term healthy habits. The combination of anti-cellulite massage, personalized workouts and balanced nutrition will not only help you get back in shape, but will lay the foundation for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


A holistic approach that includes body care through massage, planned physical activity and mindful eating will be key to regaining fitness and good habits. Remember that each person is unique, so seeking professional guidance can further enhance the desired results. Contact us and we design a tailor-made recovery plan for you.


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